We owe a debt of gratitude to the farsighted group that decided to save Goose #5 in 1952.

The men who went out to shore up the collapsing #5 and proposed a "frame-up" restoration.

The group who built the Replica of the Dolores RGS Station now the Museum.

The Restorers whose dedicated work got the Goose running again. (See Acknowledgements page - names and picture.)

Those who offered services to allow the movement of the Goose to the Railroads.

The Motormen who operated and maintained #5 through the years, and trained others to carry on the legacy.

Those who took up each new challenge to keep the organization going.

To the people who ride the Goose, support the volunteer efforts at the Museum, contributors who have "come to the rescue" when emergencies and deadlines approached with no solution in sight.

To Fred Erb who built the previous web page that drew hundreds to the Goose excursions and encouraged people to visit the museum. His work kept #5 in the communities mind and answered questions on the web.  We will never know how much he contributed to the continued success of the GGHS.

To those who have picked up the responsibilities when the faithful crew wanted to "pass the baton" to the next person.

To those who maintained a positive attitude when things didn't turn out as expected, but soldiered on for the good of the whole.

Those who contributed funds so desperately needed.  

Those who contributed in-kind donations.

Vendors who showed patience and generosity to those who maintain and 80+ year old machine and help us search for parts long since out of stock.

Thank you to all the volunteers who continue this effort.