Ed adjusting the valves on that big GMC motor - June 2009:    All Photos in this article by Larry Spencer

March 29, 2017      Tribute by Larry Spencer

The passing of Ed Latham brings sadness.
Ed was a great guy and he was fun just hanging out with. I enjoyed listening to his many interesting stories from a lifetime of hard work – like stories from his truck driving days. And, of course as we all know, he was a very talented mechanic. He and I spent more than a few hours under the hood, underneath and all around the Galloping Goose #5! He was also an asset because he had contacts he could call upon for specific help, like his brother or his friend at Cortez Diesel who, among other things, found a place that rebuilt the clutch for the Goose. Another contact he brought in was a man from Farmington who converted the electrical system of the Goose from 6 to 12 volts. Ed also did many things on his own without being asked, he just came across something he thought needed to be done and did it – for example, the bell on the fender which he took on as a personal project, polishing it with a buffing wheel and jewelers’ rouge before each trip! One of my special memories of Ed was when we spent several hours on top of Cumbres Pass replacing a malfunctioning air compressor. The mosquitos were terrible but he saw to it that the Goose was ready for passengers to ride the next morning. He was also a member of the crew that got RGS Coach 256 moved and helped rebuild the trucks for it.

He helped the GGHS in so many other ways, donating hours upon hours of his time and personal funds. As a member of the GGHS board of Directors he was always contributing insight and knowledge into the Society’s operation. He was a unique and friendly man. He will be deeply missed!


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Photos by Larry Spencer:
At Rockwood - Railfest, 2009
Installing a new driveshaft - August, 2008
Southbound in Animas Valley - Railfest, 2009
Loading Crew May, 2009 p Tom Garrison, Ed Latham, Jerry McKenzie, Larry Spencer and Lew Matis
Polishing the bell before Railfest, 2011
Railfest, 2009 - at the Tacoma power plant siding (Ed and Larry)
Rebuilding RGS Coach 256 trucks, 2008 (Ed and Lew)
Replacing the compressor on top of Cumbres Pass (Ed and Larry) - July 8, 2008
Escalante Days - 2008

God Speed, Ed Latham,
You are remembered well for your friendship, hard work, dedication, leadership and being a role model.

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