Bylaws changes for Membership Review.

The Bylaws approved by the GGHS board that will be voted on at the annual meeting on September 10, 2016.  Click here  Please note that Changes are in RED print.


Galloping Goose #5 Ownership


Past NEWS articles



Denver Post the "Goose is Loose"

A very well written article appeared in the Denver Post, Sunday, May 22, 2016 referring to the Geese, including information about Goose #5 and #7 and this year (2016) at Chama. Click Here

Thank you to Fred Erb who created the initial website

Freb Erb deserves a big THANK YOU for his tireless work on the initial website for the Galloping Goose 5 Historical Society.  No one realizes the work involved until you try to take over the website responsibilities.  Thank you, Fred, wonderful work.   Fred's original website is still being used and you can find it linked to in various parts of the new website. It can be found in at it's new address

The Photo story of an eventful year, 2012.

Click here.