Over the years, many photos have been part of the RGS history and the story of the Restoration of Galloping Goose #5 in Dolores, Colorado.
See the collection from 2005-2011 with captions.

These photo stories are well told in our legacy website gallopinggoose5.info which was compiled by Fred Erb with the help of many. The photos tell a vivid story of people and their work to make this beauty come back to life.   See the workers, put names to them and make the connections for us as we want to make this part of history as accurate as possible. See Wayne Brown, who led the restoration process in 1997-8, Ed Latham, Louie Vallejo, Lew Matis, Larry Spencer, Bill and Catherine White, Jerry McKenzie and the list goes on and on.  Help us fill in the list, won't you?

Photo Gallery is at this link at http://gallopinggoose5.info/pages/photogallery.html and will open in a "new window page" or "tab" in your browser program.  I would love it if you can put names and faces together for us and sent me the information at this email address. Thank you. 

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