Photos: Larry Gibson

Photos: Larry Gibson

Goose Bumps in the Rockies

If you have ridden the Colorado Narrow Gauge Railroads by train you are already familiar with the scenic wonders and the nostalgic steam trains of legend. However, taking an excursion on the Rio Grande Southern Galloping Goose 5 is an experience that will bring even a deeper appreciation of these legendary railroads!

Over the last several years our family has been fortunate to enjoy some great times and experiences on the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic RR while riding RGS Galloping Goose 5. Here is why an excursion on RGS Goose 5 was such fun to all of us:

Unlike a passenger train that is busier and held to a strict schedule, a Goose by its nature is more flexible and due to the limited seating capacity much less hectic. We found our rides more laid back and casual as the Goose waddled along the right of way.

The slower pace allows the Goose crew to stop at some of the great scenic vistas along the route. Numerous photo run-bys are therefore possible! The crew is very adroit in selecting locations favorable for excellent photo shooting depending on season and sun angle. This activity cannot be duplicated on a scheduled train in most instances. Being able to get off the Goose and take photos will be an unforgettable highlight to one an all! It's close to a charter format and that is positively wonderful.

A wide variety of refreshments are carried aboard for the comfort of riders. Snacks, sweets, and drinks are readily available from the comfort of your seat. Some pretty nifty logo apparel is also available on board. The friendly crew takes much effort and pride into making the trip a special day for all. If you have any special needs just ask!

Goose 5 riders are also encouraged to take turns riding in both the rear freight box and bus cab along the excursion route. From the freight box the view is somewhat similar to that of the traditional train coach but with wide open unobstructed views off the side and out of the back door. In the front bus section the view is totally different to any train experience you've had before! Riders are able to get an "engineers view" of the railroad as the Goose moves down the line. You can also listen in to the radio chatter from the dispatcher and trains moving along the lines. The photo opportunities up front are priceless for both still and video cameras.

Looking back, all of our Goose excursions bring us many smiles as time goes by. Each trip was a special and unique not duplicated. Depending on time of year, photo location, and the schedule in relation to other activity on the RR make each trip one a of a kind experience.

The history and design of this remarkable machine invite you to feel the past in a very special way too. Imagine plying the legendary Rio Grande Southern while on your trip. You are on a journey that will take you from the present and back into the past as you go along. Wow and awe moments are guaranteed!

Consider making a Goose 5 run part of your plans when you come to ride the narrow gauge. Fond memories and permanent "goose bumps" await you! It's a trip of a lifetime!!- Larry Gibson

John, Larry and Keith Gibson           Photos: Larry Gibson

John, Larry and Keith Gibson           Photos: Larry Gibson